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I am a train wreck, but not completely derailed.  I  always say, "I haven't been right since the moon fell on my house," and  then I get strange looks, people take a step back, and I get the same question you are thinking right now, "wait, what?"  Well, when I was a teenager I had a dream that the moon fell on my house. Crazy, I know!  

There I was laying down in my bedroom looking up through the skylight.  I remember just laying there admiring the moon.  I had always looked up at the moon at night, mainly because my mother would say, "when you look up at the night sky, remember I am looking at the same moon."  My mother didn't live with us, so this was a way we could share something even though we were apart.  Anyway, back to the dream.  I was staring at the moon and it began falling out of the sky and heading right towards me.  The moon hit my house and just teetered on the roof just long enough for me to jump up and head out the front door to get a better look.  Just when I got outside, the moon rolled off the front of the house and started rolling across the street.  It kept rolling, leveling Jennifer Sponaugle's house; she was one of my best friends as a child.  There was nothing I could do, I couldn't stop the moon; so don't judge me.  I did everyting I could do!  Plus she lived on a hill so even if I tried, I wasn't going to be able to stop the moon.  Anyway, it took out Jennifer's house and kept rolling off  through the field.  So there I was, Jennifer's house had been leveled  and the moon was missing.  Surely someone was going to figure out the moon was missing, so I had to find a moon!  I was the one that made it fall from the sky!  I remember feeling so panicked about where I was going to find a moon so late at night.  Did Walmart have moons...they had to, Walmart has everything! Everyone was asleep so I at least had  some time to find a moon and get it back up into the sky before anyone noticed.  More happened in the dream, but none of it made any sense; at least not as much sense as the moon falling on my house.  But the point is, since that dream I have not been right.  Hence, "I haven't been right since the moon fell on my house."  

My life was different from that moment on.  I had always counted on the moon to be there and now the moon was gone; rolled away in the middle of the night.  I always thought about what that meant to me, to not have something that I could always count on being there without having to exert any effort...like my sanity! This blog is my forum to explain how my experiences with routine tasks are different, share some nutty stories you wouldn't believe were true, and to share whatever might come to mind.  They are my fucked up musings from my pretty good life.  Enjoy

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